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Main free trade question never asked

11/11/2015 14:41
The Free Trade Economics Question That Is Never Asked ... Who says we have to competel like this in a global ecnomic arena for the same  jobs in a global economic arena? Free trade economics remains the major cause of our economic and social crisis. Free trade is not trade as historically...

Blogging my living healing art to the whole world

11/06/2015 16:18
You can view our living healing art live and in motion freely at our bio site at and show it this way anywhere in world on a computer screen or other digital devices. View it yourself whenever you need to take a break. Come by and linger awhile and let the...

Free trade economics is not trade with the free market reserved for only a few

11/02/2015 18:41
In 1992, as a trouble shooter supplier to major corporations for computers and other computer components, I studied many tech bulletins and documents to find ways to resolve supply problems related to quality and standards.  Free trade was in bloom and many manufacturers  were finding it...

Free Market Heresy - Money on Money economics

10/28/2015 15:45
  The free market is not what it seems. It is only reserved for a few.  It has been this way for many years and ever worst today in the free trade ecoomic day where anything goes and no one knows how many foreign company are  subsidized by its goverments.  In the U.S. we now...

Main site- free trade economics background stories

10/26/2015 19:20
We started the study of free trade economics in 1992 and online since 1998. Our study is now history in itself and all students and educators should take note.  Our information here not found anywhere else and provides a background for all interested in restoring the American Dream here in the...

Explore lost worlds in the globalist flat world

10/26/2015 19:19
At we explore the lost worlds in the globalist flatworld challenging the "flatteners" that supposedly led to free trade economics and globalization. Free trade economics has not evolved in any natural economic fashion but has been driven by powerful forces outside...
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