Main free trade question never asked

11/11/2015 14:41

The Free Trade Economics Question That Is Never Asked ... Who says we have to competel like this in a global ecnomic arena for the same  jobs in a global economic arena?

Free trade economics remains the major cause of our economic and social crisis. Free trade is not trade as historically practiced and defined. The presidential debate Tuesday night failed to discuss the process that cost millions of americans to lose their jobs and businesses. It was not only the Rust Belt and the blue collar workers that took the hit. More than a million workers in the computer industry lost their jobs. Thousands of computer businesses had to close down with some being in business for many years including R&D systems. More than a hundred major computer manufacturers shut down too that were in production for many years.  Silicon Valley was hit hard.  Most full time workers lost their jobs as contract and temporary workers took over.  Those over 49 we put on the street because of age discrimination laws backfired.  

The term free trade should be changed to something else. Trade is not out moving factories outside of  the country like our government has sponsored. The Federal Government started the process in 1956. It was supposedly a temporary program to test the waters to see if Americans could enjoy cheaper prices and create jobs in other countries at the same time.  It backfired as millions of Americans lost their jobs and businesses. Americans shopped their way out of their jobs and they still do. People like Alan Greenspan said it was only human nature. In his book The Age of Turbulence, he even spent a deal of time knocking New Harmony Christian Workers Community saying it could never work and only Capitalism takes in account human nature.  So this thing called free trade took over by using impoverished workers to make the things we use and consume while a new working poor class was created. All the electronic trinkets made by wage slave labor will not save day.

On stage at the debate Tuesday night, nothing was said about this. It is not easy to be good  when you realistically have about 50 percent of your human resources not being used.  And  a free society does not work when about 50 percent of all voters do not vote thinking it is a useless thing to do

Not even Trump defines the reality of free trade economics. It is sad. Hopefully our underground economy will get us through this mess. ( history and study of free trade failures ) and  ( asking- Do you feel like you are a gladiator in a global economic arena fighting for your economic life? )