Common good in workday

Excavating the common good in a very competitive economic day



Free trade economics creates many moral problems in the workday.

Society is not just a collection of individual freedoms. Liberals try to live their world this way but it will not work. As we see in our society, we have individual freedoms banging on each other. The end result is a constant division of good intentions multiplying into chaos.
On the corporate business side of things, we have experienced economic chaos because of individual freedoms have created all kinds of funny money games. Our economies based on making money on money instead of making things at reasonable markup in balance with localized geopolitical settings has hit a wall. The direct cause of our global economic crisis is Free Trade and Globalization. Local value added economies have been shredded into pieces and scattered around the world in a random fashion. Even people of good will promote this dysfunctional process with many declaring their individual freedom to worship at the altar of greed. Many others including those in the educational communities and news outlets act as plantation owners thinking they know what is best for those in the lower classes. They come from the top down instead of the other way.
What is difference between a President Ronald Reagan who pushed the trickle down concepts of the capitalist world and a President Barack Obama who does tries the same procedure from on top of a mountain top of big government. President Obama trickle down economic recovery stimulus plan will rund out energy half way down to the bottom of the mountain. The multitude will still be unnetted and segregated from the good life. The free enterprise system should be pulling the cart. President Obama puts the cart before the horse. President Reagan pushed the payroll tax up to 15 percent. It represents a flat tax and acts as a tariff on work and labor. It knocks the U.S. out of competition in the global economic arena. President Obama ignores this heavy tariff on work with 70 percent of all workers paying more in payroll tax than they do in income tax. This makes President Obama's tax credits a laugh. The tax credits only go to the upper classes that are making money already and not to those who are in great need.
Members of a society are not only individuals but persons too. As a person, each is subject to an order of things that transcends individual freedoms. The goal of every effort is to satisfy the common good and not particular goods based on lesser values.
A person is a human being as distinguished from an animal or thing. Personality represents a complex of characteristics that distinguishes an individual from the group. A person has rationale reasoning to distinquish what the ultimate truths are and the search for perfect love that is common to all. A person must seek truth among a multitude of individual selections. The common law evovled through this selection process and represent a way to attaining the common good in societies. Any regulation process should already be there under the common law. However, when individualism rules the game, the concept of all values, rights, and duties originate from the individual rather than the common good set in the rational reasoning process. Individualism may not necessarily be consistent with the rational conclusion relating to the common good.
The end of the state is the common good and it is not a collection of advantages and utilities as pragmatic devices. The object of the state must begin and end with good as good and not as a means to an end even if that end is the common good. Actually this is a contradiction for the common good must begin and end with good.
The common good is ethically good at all stages in any process. The human person is an unfortunate material individual borned in a depraved state - full of needs. Only the rational person posesses the power to rise to a higher state. Each person must not only surpass themselves but also must surpass the community seeking the whole good.
In many of our education systems, the theme of naturalism still plays where it is believed that persons are born naturally good and it is society that degrades them. This concept governs many of our tendency towards individualism that contract the common good.
The object of the common good has to be something entirely good in itself. Choosing the lesser of two evils is always a step backwards in any effort. Substituting something that is a pragmatic compromise subtracts from the common good and does not add to it.