We are living in critical times. We had a historical happening in the U.S. that received  very little attention. Free trade economics failed. President Obama had to bail out the process in 2008. He did this by borrowing trillions from the future and some from China. However, it is only a band aid on a severe economic deep wound. We need to wonder what the back up plan is. There does not seem to be any. The economic bubble can burst again at anytime. 

President Obama only bailed out the process from the top. And those at the top who control events received a "welfare check." He bailed out big money interests, financial communities, banks, Wall Street and the "too big to fail" corporations. He ignored the suffering of millions who lost their jobs and businesses that were evidently "too small to save."  This was an historical happening equal if not more significant than the Great Depression actions of President Roosevelt. Those at the top were able to control the news and took the money and ran home with it keeping quiet.  What the had is gone in America.  What we have  is yet to be defined. It seems, no one knows how to think with a "trillion dollars" mindset yet.
Enters Trump and tells about...
1. The U.S. owes 19 trillion dollars including 1.4 trillion to China and the same amount to Japan.
2. 93 million Americans are not working. How many want to work and can not find a job is the question we should all ask. 50 million people are living in poverty. Only about 38 percent of all workers qualify for unemployment insurances. This means more than 60 percent are living in an economic limbo.
3. Our unemployment rate is fiction. A former Federal Reserve Bank director says it has been this way for quite some time. He says the worst part of this is the statistics are used to make important decision related to the economy. Who would ever thought a person making only $100 per month can be considered employed.
4. The value of workers and labor overall has been degraded and deflated. This represents trillions of dollars in value lost forever.
5. The trade deficit which has broken records since 1994 and this also represents trillions of more dollars lost forever.
How can this free trade economic process work.
Donald Trump says our economy is running of fumes. Obviously it is. He is talking about it to our society as a whole including the 50 percent of voters who do not vote feeling it is a useless exercise. 
It comes down to this. I asked a friend who worked into his late seventies because he was the only one left in a steel mill who knew how to maintain it - are you going to vote for Trump. He answered very quickly, "Who else is there."
Under these circumstances, it is difficult in finding reasons for not voting for Trump. Only Ben Carson is an alternative but he needs to get  up to speed about what free trade economics is and the severe damage it has caused. Americans are stunned by the process and still thinking in ways that no longer compute with the reality of it all.