When will jobs come back ?

Obama said many will never come back....  he contradicts himself then and 

says Free Trade creates jobs.

When President Obama held an online town hall meeting, someone asked when will the jobs that were outsourced be brought back to America.   President Obama said many of these jobs will never come back because they do not pay enough for American workers to survive.
An alarm should have rung when he said this.  Apparently, Globalization and Free Trade depend on workers who do not earn enough money to support the process overall.  President Obama should know these workers do not make enough in their own economic setting to support free trade economics. Free trade economics is based on consumption economics. So far it is working by degrading and deflating the value of workers and labor in America. However this created a working poor class in the U.S.A.  Many are now finding it difficult to afford even the cheaper imports and the impoverished workers who make the things Americans consume, can not afford to buy the very things they make let alone have anything left over to buy the things the U.S. may have left to sell.  The global economy will fail because of this. 
Take Nike workers.  We watch sports as our professional super stars like Lebron James and Tiger Woods get millions of dollars for endorsing  Nike products. We even have Catholic colleges taking money for pushing the Nike emblem on their sports uniforms. A college player was told to drop the issue about Nike and wear Nike or resign. He quit.
Just 3 percent of Nike's advertising budget would lift 80,000 of Nike's Indonesian workers out of poverty.
Most of the Nike's worker make less than a liveable wage. The average monthly pay is $23.00 with the living wage being about $37.00 a month. Things like powdered milk is out of reach for most Indonesians.
The Nike product has become symbolic of wages slave labor as a necessary evil in the globale economy.
If President Obama is a liberal with a heart, he should have responded to the question by stating the purpose of capitalism is to harness private interests in service to the public interest. Pope John Paul said workers are not tools of capitalism. Capitalism should be the tool for workers to advance human dignity across every economic geopolitical setting.
Instead companies like Firestone use rubber tappers as young as 12 who work more than eight hours a day to produce a quota of  450 lbs of latex a day.  They earn between $1.50 and $3.19 per day. They are modern day  slaves forced to work under medieval conditions.
During the presidential debates, it may have been only me  but I noticed than Senator Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton exchanging a sly glance when Congressman Kucinich challenged them both about their standing related to NAFTA and GATT trade agreements. The debate forced  both Senators to  state that they were against these agreements in one way or another over the years, but both talked about reforming it rather than confronting the process overall.
The fact remains that free trade and globalization depends on consumerism but with the U.S. converting to an economy based on making money on money instead of making things, the process is burning out.  Consumerism can not remain a one way street for very long.  The new working poor class in the USA, are finding it difficult to afford even the cheaper imports while workers abroad can not afford to buy the very things they make let alone have anything left over to buy whatever the USA has left to sell.
The value of workers is a real tangible value. It acts as a money standard. You would think that the Globalist Free Traders would do everything possible to grow this value as a means of exchange. Instead we have President Bush telling us there are jobs in the USA, that Americans will not take.  Now we have President Obama saying the same thing in a different way.
President Reagan had his trickle down economy coming from the high ranges of raw capitalism. It proved to be a dud.  Now we have President Obama doing the same thing  high up on the mountain top of government forgetting government is the people  and not some separate entity. In 2008, President Obama had to bail out the process. His bail out  start at the top when they should be starting lower where workers are losing everything they spent a life time to gather.   And no one seems to want to talk about who is living off who in our modern wage slave trade.
We do know this, our economies based on making money on money instead of making things are burning out.