Free Market Heresy - Money on Money economics

10/28/2015 15:45


The free market is not what it seems. It is only reserved for a few.  It has been this way for many years and ever worst today in the free trade ecoomic day where anything goes and no one knows how many foreign company are  subsidized by its goverments.  In the U.S. we now have a corporate welfare system where free markets do not really exist.  Father Sirico, a Catholic priest defends the free market in his book  but just does not understand what is going on in the real world. 


The social gospel is violated. And note below what Trump and  Carson want to do about it. 


As someone who spent more than fifty years in the corporate and business world, I challenge Father Sirico's view of the economic and work day. First of all I never really experienced the  free market in my dealings. The free market was always reserved for only a few. It is even worst in our times due to free trade economics which divides investments from production. Free trade is really an economic system that moves production anywhere in the world for the sake of cheaper labor and more profit for a few. The social gospel is violated since workers and businesses are denied the right to a just return for the fruits of their labor. Free trade economics has failed with President Clinton having to bail it out in 1995 only about two years after the NAFTA  trade agreement was passed.  Then in 2008, President Obama had to bail it out with massive measures. It was a historic event. Even President F D Roosevelt never dared to use such extreme means to stop the Great Depressions. 


After all is said and done, the value of workers and labor has been degraded and deflated. This in itself represents trillions of dollars in value lost forever and indicates this value may be a better money standard than all the money created out of nothing by the Federal Reserve. 


Also, the trade deficit which has broken records for a more than a generation, represents trillions of even more  dollars lost forever. 


President Obama bail out free trade economics by borrowing trillions of dollars from the future putting a tariffs on the fruits of labor of   those who have not yet been born. The bail out is also a form of corporate welfare where the "too big to fail" corporations and investments communities get saved while the millions who suffered the loss of their jobs and businesses are ignored. 


On top of this foreign auto makers and American corporations get federal and state subsidies for their businesses. This means those who are left out of these deals are at a terrible disadvantage of trying to compete in a global economic arena where some get help and others get nothing.  The so called free market keeps getting bailed out while workers and small businesses are outside looking in with millions suffering the lost of their jobs and businesses.

Donald Trump and Ben Carson look for changing the systems  as outsiders. 

We have Donald Trump and Ben Carson willing to lead us out of the terrible economic mess we are in. There seems to be no one else.  Comparing the two is difficult.  They both seem to be for the common good for all in society.  The priority is time.  Time is running out and no one has yet to defined what kind of economy we are in since President Obama had to bail out the whole free trade economic process. It is something new. What we had is gone. 

1. Trump comes from the economic trenches and is ready to face the critical issues of our times this way.  There is no one else who tell is it like it is with this kind of know  how and experience.  Anyone who has ever done business with a country like China knows what this means.

2. Carson is still new at it. His background and moral setting are great attributes and he is an alter ego of Trump.  However, someone  has to wonder when he says illegal immigrants who work on farms should get amnesty.  He says food prices have to be kept low.  However, this can apply to most everything.  We could say the same could apply to  construction, restaurant  and even medical personnel for the sake of costs. This is why we are in a trouble we are. Americans have shopped their way out of their jobs.   I go back to a time when teenagers would go to pick  crops.  The farmers would come by and pick many up in their trucks and the teenagers were paid according to how much they each picked. This was a rewarding experience in more ways than one for students on summer vacation.    The question to ask is this - Do you feel like you are a gladiator in a global economic arena fighting for your economic life? 

Trump knows more about the realities about all this.  Carson is missing something when  he forgets about the cause and effect around any economic action big or small.  Free trade is a structural sin against all of society.