Blogging my living healing art to the whole world

11/06/2015 16:18

You can view our living healing art live and in motion freely at our bio site at and show it this way anywhere in world on a computer screen or other digital devices. View it yourself whenever you need to take a break. Come by and linger awhile and let the healing waters come your way to refresh your spirit and your day. When you need some inspiration for your next  project come by and reflect a bit and see what happens. It may unblock the mental waves for you.   Here is one living art form that calls out the flowers in winter......


Show it to loved ones and others in need this way freely , in hospitals, nursing homes, rehab centers, chemo centers or in waiting rooms. And let the healing living waters come their way to help wash their troubles away.

Our Art that Heals is based on color therapy and imagery studies. (Chromatherapy) We combine the color therapy with our art imaging to heal the body, mind and soul and take the viewer to a place where time can stand still in a  healing mode. 

Our main art gallery is at