The debate that never happens

The debate that never happens.. Main question of our times is missing from our presidential debates. The 50 percent of voters who do not vote are are waiting for it to be asked..... 

Who says we have to compete for the same jobs in a global economic arena in the first?

Do you feel like you are a gladiator in and economic global arena fighting for your economic life? ) Trump must continously call out to the 50 percent who do not vote an let them know there is someone out there that really cares. (Note: Trump should follow the lead of  Sir James Goldsmith who led the way against free trade economics in the early 1990s.) Trump should confront Ben Carson in a different way. Dr. Ben Carson needs to get up to speed on the free trade economics issue. Obviously the establishment Republicans fall in step with the script given to them. Dr Carson hopefully is an outsider but he needs to define his stand more fully. One of the main questions of our times is never asked - Who says we have to compete in a global economic arena for the same jobs in the first place. It automatically shifts income wages to the lowest levels in the world. 


Dr Carson says he would grant amnesty to illegal farm workers because food would cost much more without them. This applies to everything and gets to the core of the problem of free trade economics. The cost of labor  applies to construction, restaurant help, home care, nursing home care etc. Of course everyone wants the cheapest way but we must find ways to stop living off the suffering of others who make the things we use and consume everywhere including or own country. It is also what has created the working poor class in our country. We need to find ways to make it easier to be good and not violate the Social Gospel. The minimum wage issue is another issue Dr Carson and others have failed to explore in any effective way. Our leaders  start talking about entry level jobs and how we need them. However, these jobs are no longer entry level ones. I see many middle age workers in these jobs now. I see mothers working part time in fast foods, dollar stores, big box stores etc. Everyone in these environments know what is actually happening in the real world of the streets. In the past, we had farmers come into city and pick up teenagers in their trucks to pick crop. The teenagers were paid by how much they picked. These were real entry level jobs . The Fast Food jobs came much later and knocked out family restaurants everywhere. I still crave for a hamburger I enjoyed in a small restaurant and never tasted another like that anywhere in our times. 


Trump's proposal of putting a 25 percent tax on imports from China is a good one. Cruz's plan has it at 16 percent on all imports and none on exports. A good way to get this past, is to combine a raise in the minimum wage with the tax on imports. I worked in several factories while going to college and was paid what would be considered today a middle class wage. As a matter of fact I enjoyed much more than that because many jobs back then offer overtime which paid time and a half and even double time for a 12 hour or 14 hour shift. If these jobs were available today there would be millions standing in line to get them including college graduates. However, free trade economics came as a thief in the night and stole them away. 


Some of the greatest men I ever met in my life, were the factory foremen who took the young off the streets and taught them a skill. Believe me it took a lot of time to become good at many of these jobs. In turn the young were able to get married, have children , buy a home and help put their children through college. Also in the past, when sales slowed down, they took people off the assembly lines to help make the parts and in those day parts grew value just sitting in bins. In the beginning of the computer industry, for the first ten years, all the training and education was conducted by corporations, Things were evolving so fast that no college in the country could match the training and education, Many of the top data processing managers came from the factory floors and office workers. It was a very dynamic way of doing things in a real world environment. I was trained in computers this way and helped jump start the cat scan industry. 


It is sad to see how so many with great intellects like Dr Carson and even Herman Cain missing this part in their summation of events. They should know when free trade economic came, it not only stole our jobs away but it also smashed the dynamics of real free enterprise in balanced settings. We need to get past all the concepts that no longer apply. In 2008 President Obama had to bail out the whole process. The domino factor was in play where everything was going to fall apart in our economic day due to the illusion of free trade economics where actually nothing is free. It takes more than it gives. 


We explore the history of free trade failures and tell al free trade is not trade as historically practiced and defined. It is more about dividing investments from production and moving production anywhere in the world for the sake of cheaper labor and more profits for just a few. The last Republican presidential debate was a very juvenile way of looking at things. They chew the same old cud over and over again. What we had is gone. Comparisons no long apply. What we have needs to be defined. The Obama bail out was a historical happening and not much will ever be the same again. 


The main question of our times remains .... Who says we have to compete like this with one another for the same jobs in a global economic arena.? See asking - Do you feel like a gladiator in a global economic arena fighting for your economic life. We also explore the latent response of religion and philosophy and all the people who do the talk instead of the walk . Start at and/or The main question of our times was never asked .... Who says we have to compete like this with each other for the same jobs in a global economic arena ? Free trade economics remains the major cause of our economic and social crisis. Free trade is not trade as historically practiced and defined. The presidential debate Tuesday night failed to discuss the process that cost millions of americans to lose their jobs and businesses. It was not only the Rust Belt and the blue collar workers that took the hit. More than a million workers in the computer industry lost their jobs. Thousands of computer businesses had to close down with some being in business for many years including R&D systems. More than a hundred major computer manufacturers shut down too that were in production for many years. Silicon Valley was hit hard. Most full time workers lost their jobs as contract and temporary workers took over. Those over 49 we put on the street because of age discrimination laws backfired. The term free trade should be changed to something else. Trade is not out moving factories outside of the country like our government has sponsored. The Federal Government started the process in 1956. It was supposedly a temporary program to test the waters to see if Americans could enjoy cheaper prices and create jobs in other countries at the same time. It backfired as millions of Americans lost their jobs and businesses. Americans shopped their way out of their jobs and they still do. 


Outsourcing and Insourcing is not trade either. Trump should make this distinction when he talks about bringing in workers. People like Alan Greenspan said it was only human nature. In his book The Age of Turbulence, he even spent a deal of time knocking New Harmony Christian Workers Community saying it could never work and only Capitalism takes in account human nature. So this thing called free trade took over by using impoverished workers to make the things we use and consume while a new working poor class was created. All the electronic trinkets made by wage slave labor will not save day. On stage at the debate Tuesday night, nothing was said about this. It is not easy to be good when you realistically have about 50 percent of your human resources not being used. And a free society does not work when about 50 percent of all voters do not vote thinking it is a useless thing to do. Not even Trump defines the reality of free trade economics. It is sad. Hopefully our underground economy will get us through this mess. ( history and study of free trade failures ) and ( asking- Do you feel like you are a gladiator in a global economic arena fighting for your economic life? ) See latest letter from Cleveland Plain Dealer... Donald Trump perfectly following Constitution Party platform: Letter to the Editor | ( Title Plain Dealer gave my letter featuring it online. The letter printed is attached.) - Ray Tapajna Tapsearch World 14524 Orchard Park Ave Cleveland , Ohio 44111

Is Donald Trump perfectly following Constitution Party platform: Letter to the Editor


Brent Larkin attacks Trump again ("The real (scary) message of Donald trump's success," Forum, Nov. 8). I suggest he read The Constitution Party platform. I voted for their candidate for president since 1992 since there is really only one major party. We do not need any conspiracy theories to know free trade economics has been driven by powerful forces outside the will of the people. Both major parties, the media and news services follow a certain script. Larkin's attack on Trump is a good example. Trump has turned out to be a lonely voice for the millions who have lost their jobs and businesses.

Cleveland was once a center of high technology. Now it is an impoverished city. President Clinton bailed out the free trade in 1995 when he had to rush billions of dollars to Mexico to save the peso and the Mexican economy. This happened even though the U.S. moved more than 4,000 factories to Mexico. Then in 2008, President Obama had to bail out the whole process because we were on the edge of collapse. Only one man has come forth to tell it like it is - Trump. He is living the Constitution Party platform better than any other leader who is well known. Kasich does the dance like all the other establishment Republicans and participated in grand betrayal of workers and local economies when he played a major role in the passage of free trade economics. It is time to stop playing the game of make believe.

Ray Tapajna,