Blogging my Art that Heals to the whole world



Art that Heals by Ray Tapajna


View our living healing art live and in motion and let the healing waters come your way based on color therapy and imagery studies.  (Chromatherapy )

Linger awhile and let the colors enter your body, mind and soul and stimulate your being. Color and our added art imagery can change your thoughts, mood, behavior and wash your troubles away. It takes only a short time for color and imagery to do this.  And whenever you need to take a break or seeking some inspiration for your next project, come by and linger awhile.  

Let the blue waters and the clouds come your way now 


Take in the gifts of the sea and create something new inside you. Let it inspire you for the next thing you want to do.


The  glory of sun flowing in the golden waters redeems your spirit and  your day. It is a golden happening throughout 

your being.




Don't go away. Don't let the moment pass. Let all the colors transform you and take you to another  place where time stands still just for  you. Then take it into your day.


And  here is  one which is intended to have the natural, divine and supernatural order of things work in you.  It contains many prayers for miracles to surround you. 


Say, every day in every way, I am getting better and 

better in every way


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